About Residential Warranty Services

You will see me post here often. Nathan Thornberry is the mind behind this program. It is his direction that makes it happens and determines the culture. Culture is what makes the difference between companies that take care of their insured and companies that do not.  Sadly there have been news stories done about warranty companies that do not take care of their customers …but that happens in every business and profession.

Below is the “note to self” that I wrote the first time I was in Nathan’s office s his day started on the first day I visited his office

I watched as Nathan PERSONALLY went through a pile of claims. These were the ones that were not really covered and could be denied and was trying to make them work for the insured homeowners.  Here is what he is actually doing…..He grabbed an inspector’s worst nightmare (an unhappy client who can yap about their bad inspection) and turned them into a happy camper. He then made sure (in the context of a Realtor not needing to defend a home inspection or shell out commission money to a buyer……) that it was “smart ….very smart” to use an inspector who has these levels of protection for buyers. Hmmm ….makes you wonder why every homebuyer is not hiring inspectors that are  using these programs…. oh…I almost forgot…P Nathan Thornberry who runs how many companies was the ONE to handle  the difficult and marginal cases PERSONALLY…he started his day off handling the calls…not putting them in a stack and waiting for an angry call from an insured to get a problem resolved.

Culture….it is the culture of Residential Warranty Services to serve their clients and associates with the highest level of professionalism and ethics. Visit www.ResidentialWarrantyServices.com to see how this program works. Picture the day you move into a home and the hot water tank goes bad. The day you move, the piggy bank is usually drained to the bottom. If you have a RWS Home Buyer Warranty, you can get help. A cold shower when at the end of a hard day is not good.